Barnes PA

Interviewee: Mrs Phyllis Ann Barnes
Date of Birth: 7 January 1926
Interviewer: Marylin Jones
Date of Interview: 12 to 25 March 1999
Synopsis: Elaine Gorddard
BOHG No: 1999-002
Total Length: 4 hours 45 minutes 32 seconds

for the 1999 interview with
Phyllis Ann BARNES

PART 1 [2 hrs 53 mins 43 secs]

Birth in Melbourne
Father’s first marriage
Mother’s early life
Uncle in WW1 – letters & diaries

Early family life and schooling
Learning music
School and games
School orchestra
School achievements
Hospital Laboratory job
Mother’s illness
Social activities during the War

Effects of War
Cousins in the services
Cousin on HMS Sydney
Meeting George Barnes
Family stresses
Working at Fisherman’s Bend War factories
Return to laboratory at the Women’s Hospital
Working conditions and activities
Maternal grandparents and family in Victoria
Engagement and marriage
George’s employment with Bunnings
Boarding with Mrs Stafford in Bunbury
Knitting and cycling
Move into house
Birth of first child
Second child, and built own home
Repertory Orchestra
Dr Boxall & Bunbury Laboratories
Cross matching work
Dr Szaloki
Third child
Orchestra for the Musical Comedy Group
Children’s music lessons and piano
Gwen Clifton and Bunbury Music Festival
Coordinator of Bunbury Music Festival
Musicians and artists
Father’s principles
Wedding and honeymoon
Train to the West
Houses & family in Bunbury
Mother’s visit

Cycling and fishing
Badminton Club
South Bunbury Hall
Friends and activities
Melbourne visit

Apex Kindergarten & Lady Mitchell Health Clinic
George’s father
Family attitudes
Laboratory work
Father -in -law’s death
Drive across the Nullabor
Return by train

Hospital and Laboratory staff
Work and childcare
Death of father & trip to Victoria
Bunnings timber yard
Slow Learning Children’s Group and ACTIV

New Hospital and Laboratory
Laboratory staff
Tests and checks
Tasks and conditions
Union and pay claims

Bunbury City Councillor
Concert Hall
George’s death and family circumstances
Driving East

Music Guild – members and artists
Penguins Club
Business and Professional Woman’s Club
Conferences in the Eastern States

PART 2 [1 hr 51 mins 49 secs]

Arts Promotion Council
Visits by cultural groups
Concert Hall Committee
Maltese dogs and breeding

Councillor in 1983
Council and South West Development Authority
“Excellent Connections”
Concert Hall
Earlier Halls and facilities
People involved in Concert Hall development

Stirling Street Art Centre and Art Gallery
Convent Complex Management Committee
Multiple committees
Lord Forrest Hotel
Swimming Club

Prison visitor
Women and the Council
People met
Built duplex

Mayoral candidate 1988
Council meeting times and procedures
Morrissey House and building programme
Leaving Council
Retiring from Work

Learning to play the piano
Historical Society
Development of King Cottage Museum and Society Activities
Interest in Bridge
Word processing
Women’s Club

“Terra Australis 2001”
Baudin Expedition
Floods, Cyclone Alby
Sister’s achievements
Advantages for historians in Bunbury

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