Baxter MA

Interviewee: Mrs Mabel Amelia Baxter
(nee Gibson)
Date of Birth: 3 April 1904
Interviewer : Jenny Staines
Date of Interview: 21 June & 13 July 1997
BOHG No: 1998.014
Total Length: 2hrs 54mins

Family details
Parents meeting and courting
Steamers to Fremantle – Rob Roy
Clarke’s Vineyard, South Bunbury
House on the vineyard
Attending night school
Walking home at night
Father as Manager of the Vineyard
Ephrain Clarke
Clarke Store
Punchbowl wine
Orchard and processing produce for own use
Relatives – Gibson family
Picton Church by phaeton
Family graves at St Mark’s, Picton
Grandparents’ house in Constitution St
Growing vegetable and keeping fowls
St David’s and St Paul’s churches
Wedding and honeymoon
Spencer Street house
Birth of daughter
Birth of son and his current visits
Making hats
Haywards store
Sister’s work as ‘sleeve-hand’ at Teede’s workroom
Wedding dress and accessories
Wedding photographs – Ford’s Studio
Obtaining a receptionist job with Dr Flynn
Dr Flynn’s practice and home
Meeting her husband Harry Baxter
Husband’s occupation & length of marriage
Brothers in First World War
Second World War experiences
Husband in Army Kit Store – returning soldiers’ personal items
Move to Perth to live
Children’s schooling
Bikes as main transport
Clarke’s Vineyard house and neighbours
Uncle Clarence’s market garden
Vasse Road (Spencer St) and surrounding houses
Cellar & buildings at the Vineyard
Building of the cellars at the wine shed
Wine stored in barrels
Lighting by oil lamp and lanterns
Pickersgill’s vegetable gardens
Dairy building
Separating the cream and making butter
Delivering milk to houses
Early breakfasts
Honey from Mr Saunders’ beehives
Tuart & peppermint trees
Carob trees for windbreak
Sulphur in hessian bags – sulphuring
Burning sulphur as disinfectant
Childhood diseases
Hornsby’s shop on the ‘V’ corner
Five Mile Brook and Big Swamp
Lollies and money to spend
Old Lyric Theatre for pictures
Children’s behaviour
Typical school day
Church & Sunday School
City landmarks (Rose Hotel, Federal Hotel, White Road, Vasse Road)
St Clair’s Hospital – Girl’s Grammar School
Matron & routine at St Clair’s Hospital
Old Ford car for gathering woodLaundry and copper fires
Husband working at Mt Lyell
Collecting wood and wildflowers
Animals in the bush
Five Mile Brook and Muddy Lake
Visits to brother in Busselton
Building of Breakwater at the Harbour
Carting of rocks by rail from Roelands
Trains as main transport to Perth
Train and journey to Perth
Holidays in Perth
Show days in Bunbury
School and Sunday clothes
Hats and hair styles
Hairdressers and fashions
End of First World War
Husband’s job in Kit Store during Second World War
Husband’s family – Bruce Rock
Music and playing the violin
Music Room at the Convent
Musical evenings and dancing at home
Bunbury Brass Band
Balcony of the Rose Hotel
St John of God’s Hospital on Bury Hill
Home on Bury Hill – Edwin Rose
Building of St Boniface
St Paul’s Cathedral
Demolition of St David’s
Rechabite Hall and Lodge
Parents’ old & new houses at the vineyard
Changes in society today

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