Casey LA

Interviewee: Mrs Lilian Agnes Casey (nee King)
Date of Birth: 1912
Interviewer : Mary Davis & Judy Clarke
Date of Interview: 1985
Date of Death: 2001
Synopsis: Lyn Adams
BOHG No: 1985-006
Total Length: 16 mins 22 secs

Mrs Lilian Casey is the great grand-daughter of the original owners of the property, the King family.
Lilian herself lived in the house as a small child till the age of about eight.
Many years later, in her seventies, she is visiting the house, now a Museum, and is assisting the museum volunteers in describing some of the house features as she remembers them, concentrating on the main living room of the house.

Some of the features discussed are:
A round table with a red plush velvety cloth
A huge sideboard against the east wall, with a bow shaped front
A sewing machine under the window
A little cane table where her father had a gramophone with a big horn and cylindrical records.
Several chairs, some at the table and some against the wall
A small bed or sofa or chaise longue
A few pictures around the wall
A plain white open fireplace but no mantle over it
Big vases some of which she still has in her own home
The walls were a natural jarrah colour like the floor boards
Two afternoon tea sets and glass dishes on the sideboard
The kitchen was detached from the house and the other room was where the family ate their meals
The main room was called the sitting room or maybe the parlour
The dining room had cane based chairs, wicker work or seagrass
Singer sewing machine that she still has
Special cutlery and everyday cutlery
Doyleys and table centres in the sideboard drawer
White damask table linen
Pictures of family
Parents’ wedding photo which she still has

Some of Lilian’s memories were:
Sitting down playing cards with her mother and father
Listening to the gramophone
Her mother doing the mending
Lamps and candles
Carrying a hurricane lamp from the house to the kitchen
Reading story books such as the Coles Book Arcade with a big rainbow on the front
The garden was mostly bulbs; jonquils and freesias
Big lilac tree
Gate and path, two big posts and a picket fence
Light horse soldiers in Forrest Park

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