Clapp LJ

Interviewee: Lancee June Clapp (nee Emmett)
Date of Birth: 21st June 1927
Interviewer: Meryl Gardiner
Date of Interview: 30th October 2015
Synopsis: Elaine Gorddard
BOHG No: 2016-001

Father Lance Frederick Emmett. b.14th May 1882. d. 8th January 1974
Mother Lily Lucille Scott. b.1888. d. 31st December 1981
Two sisters Lucille Joel 1921 and Peggy St Clare 1924
Descendants of John & Helen Scott early settlers of Bunbury.
Lived North Boyanup six miles from Boyanup. ‘The Nook’ built by her parents when they married in 1908
Rode a horse to the North Boyanup School where her Aunty Annie Scott taught. It was a Wattle and Daub building. Later a better school was built on the same site. Schooling later on at Bunbury High School where she rode a horse in each day for three years, then boarded in Beach Road for two years.

Talked of quicksand in the Preston River on their farm and seeing cows drown in it.
Boyanup in early years had Walker’s General Store, Arthur Hitching’s garage, a deli and of course the hotel
Lancee loved working on the family farm, and had a particular love of horses. Her favourite was Manners, a black horse, which took the eye of the Duke of Edinburgh when they visited Bunbury, and he came back and rode the horse later in the day
Both Lucille and Peggy were taught music by a Miss Lucas in Stirling Street Bunbury, but the depression came and no money for Lancee to be taught, so she taught herself. Playing on the Auto Harp, which was given to her mother on their wedding day in 1908, she discovered she could transpose scales onto the piano. Went on to play the organ at St. George’s Anglican Church in Boyanup.
Dances of a Saturday night at different places around the district, was the place to go, and Lancee remembers going in the family car to these at a very young age. In years later on, it was herself and Peggy that would be playing for these dances on a Saturday night.
First worked at Walker’s General Store in Boyanup, and then Haywards in Bunbury from 1952, for three years.
On holiday in Victoria with relatives, was called upon to play at a concert when the pianist too ill. The same thing happened several weeks later when the harpist got sick.

Met Ron Clapp in 1955, and became engaged 1956.
Married Ron 23rd February 1957, in St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bunbury.
Peggy died of Nephritis in 1964, and Lancee looked after her three children. She also looked after four children of Mr. Shearer for seven years
1960 saved a 3-year-old young girl from the ocean at the Back Beach, who was washed into the surf and nearly drowned. As a result, Lancee broke her ankle when she trod on a large rock.
Was a torch bearer for the Olympic Games July 4th 2000. She ran from Hastie Street to the Marquis Motel, accompanied with a student from the Harvey Agricultural School.
Moved from Constitution Street to Downing Street Crosslands, then to Ocean Star Villas in 2005
Gained a Masters Certificate in Hobby Tex painting.

Colleen Matthews and Lancee were clowns who entertained at nursing homes and various other venues.
Along with Molly Clifton played for the GWN TV programme Tea and Biscuits.
Belonged to the Fifty-five’s Cycle Club from 1991 to 2004, and rode to Kalgoorlie, Geraldton, Busselton and around the place locally.
From 1981 to 1991 ran, and raised monies, in the Fun Run for the Bunbury Surf Club, Patrol Boat and Ambulance. In those years, she raised $23,000. They also won trips from the raffles prizes donated.
Has been awarded various certificates for her voluntary work, was Senior Citizen of the year, twice, International Year of Volunteers and many more.
On 18th May 2015, had a slight heart attack at Senior Citizens, and suffered cuts and fractured pelvis.
Lucille married Jack Godsell and has four children
Peggy married Sydney Groves and has three children

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