Drynan CN

Interviewee: Mr Charles Nelson Drynan
Date of Birth: approximately 1910
Interviewer: Patricia Barrett-Lennard
Date of Interview: 2 February1984
Synopsis: Patricia Barrett-Lennard
BOHG No: 1984.001
Total Length: 1 hr 2 mins

Built on swamp
length of service
Jones’ Shoe Store
Moana branch
Junior salesman
Company’s warehouse
Things stored in warehouse
Unpacked packing cases
Description of cases
Description of lift
Company founded in WA
Founders of company
F O & TO Gaze and Walter Cooks
Jobs held in warehouse
women’s shoes
men’s selection
receipts and despatch department
country order section
making up of orders
bought in Australia
types of footwear
making special shoes
different types
Pay at warehouse
meals available there
Moana Store
window display
Subiaco Store
manager aged twenty
job description
Transfer to Narrogin
Transfer to northern branch
Money arrangements during depression
Transfer to Bunbury
description of Bunbury branch
manager there
Transfer to City store
Position of factory
Closure of Factory
War 1939
employment of staff
joined RAAF in 1942
Manager of Bunbury store 1945
size of Bunbury
Meeting wife
came into shop
married Kalgoorlie
places wife went to as nurse
honeymoon Caves House Yallingup
Visit to Narrogin
length of journey
funeral of Mrs Jean Treeford
First home
flat in Bunbury
Moved into duplex
Moved into manager’s house
Moved to house in city
Lived over store in Subiaco
children brought up there
Length of service in Bunbury
boarded there
visits by train to family
application for Commonwealth State Home
Commonwealth State Home
made of asbestos
four rooms and a verandah
Patrick Street (background)
length of stay
1950 flat over shop
Block of land Palm Street
built home
1967 transferred to city
Supervisor of company’s stores in WA
travel in WA
number of stores in WA and Australia
how often stores visited
Shoe Arches
type needed
1946 tried to make it
Dr Aberdeen suggested it
Dr John Flynn checked it (Bunbury)
Modern types
Advantages of rubber and leather arches

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